Services for New Businesses

Start-Up Consulting

Great Consultation would provide better solutions and ease of mind on critical situations whether it is business or personal. We provide consultation on every aspects of your business from financial to physical or legal. Whether trying to bring your idea to reality and start your small business or planning to expand your existing business or trying to make sensitive personal or business related decision, we can help you by providing consultation to make sure the success of the final result.

Incorporation Services

We will be with you from start to finish in every step of the way. We provide assistance and guidance on how to establish and register your business. From establishing your business name to trade mark, copyright and patent registration, we can provide consultation.

Feasibility Study

Our team help you by studying your idea and all variables involved to provide a fast and real assessment of your idea in order to maximize future profit and minimize future loss. It is crucial to know if the idea or path you are choosing is the right one and even more important, is it a beneficial one.

Business Plan

We can help by creating a strong business plan for your idea. If you want to start your business, if you want to bring your idea to life we can help you to make sure you have strong solid business plan. We provide consultation on your existing business plan also could help you by creating one customized to your idea from scratch.

Capital Introduction

Every business needs initial capital to start.  Weather you are looking for investors or if you are looking into financial institute we can help. Our team of expert can facilitate funding process for your business.

Risk Assessment

We can help to minimize your risk through customized risk assessments based on your individual case. To increase the profitability and final success and to minimize and eliminate loss, we provide personalized risk assessment and analysis tide to your business and line of work.

Cost Analysis

Our team provide the most accurate analysis of your products and services in order to calculate your true cost. Cost calculation will benefit you on proper pricing and profitability.

Website Desgin and IT Solution

We offer a complete IT package to small to medium size businesses. Weather it is a web design and development or office 360 to the more complex IT solution, our team of experts are here to support you.

Logo Design and Development

Nothing is more personal than a logo for your business. it is as important as the name of your business. Our team of designer will work with you to create a logo that best describe you and your business.

Location Assessment

If your business is location critical, our team of experts can help on selection of best location for you. We analyze each location's demography and prepare competitors report in order to provide the best location.

Branding Strategy

Branding in business is one of most important pillars in which the business is based on. Not only we help you to start your business, we prepare you for your future growth.

End to End Solution Mediation

We can provide you a connection to a bigger customized network of professionals based on your needs.With us you will have one stop shopping for all your needs. To provide you with comfort of mind and ease the process, with us you  will be connected to a bigger network of professionals (Legal, Insurance, CPA, Real Estate, Construction, and much more...)