We Help You Build Your Business Right

AHH is a full-service business consulting firm that works with new, growing, and established businesses no matter the size.  Our mission is to provide you with the tools you need to successfully grow your business.  Our team of business consultants can assist you in increasing market share, improving profit margins, launching new products or services, expanding into new geographical markets, and systematizing your business to increase efficiency. Our small business consultants will start by conducting a 360-degree audit of your business to assess your current challenges and provide you with strategic recommendations to improve, systematize, and scale your business. The audit will include an assessment of the following areas:

Financial performance Analysis

Analyze the profitability of your business by reviewing the company’s key performance indicators such as revenue metrics, direct costs, monthly operating budget, and personnel expenses.

Marketing Strategy planing

Define your target market customer determine the relevant market size for your products and services, create new marketing strategies, choose the appropriate brand that reflects your product, and design new marketing materials.

Operational Process Management

Assess the operational efficiency of the business, including fulfillment processes, customer service, and overall company productivity.